SUPERCHARGE Copper Body Brush

$69.00 USD


Key Features of the Ion-Charged Copper Bristle Body Brush
Ion-Charged Copper Bristles: Experience the dual benefits of our body brush, featuring ion-charged copper bristles that not only exfoliate but also use friction to release neutralizing ions. These ions help reduce body acidity and promote an energetic balance, enhancing your well-being with every stroke.

Enhanced Wellness Benefits:
Accelerate Lymphatic Drainage: Boost your lymphatic system's functionality to detoxify more efficiently.
Exfoliate Skin & Extend Glow: Remove dead skin cells to reveal a refreshed and extended glow.
Prep for Sauna or PEMF Sessions: Perfectly prepare your body for sauna sessions or Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy, maximizing the benefits of these treatments.

Design and Materials
Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 4 cm
Construction: Sturdily built with a beechwood board.
  - 2 rows of humanely-sourced horsehair for a gentle, irritant-free exfoliation.
  - 4.5 rows of copper wire bristles for effective skin stimulation and ion release.
Comfort and Handling:
  - Real leather strap for a firm grip.
  - Durable iron grommets for added robustness.

Benefits of Materials
The natural horsehair bristles, responsibly sourced to ensure humane treatment, provide a soft touch that stimulates the skin without causing irritation. This careful selection of materials guarantees an invigorating exfoliation experience that is as gentle as it is effective.