Luxe Society was founded in 2020 by Jessica Rogers with the support of her husband Levi Rogers. Jessica is behind all the design, marketing, social media, buying and business for Luxe Society, while Levi handles the technology  and business support. Both Jessica and Levi are passionate about fitness and fashion. They have always wanted to combine the two into a business lifestyle that they could scale, grow and expand. Their dream was to form a business that they would love to pursue, as well as a business that would make a positive impact in the lives of their daughters and women. They wanted to be able to run this business in a way that would fit their lifestyle; allowing them to be home with their girls, bring their girls to work, and continue to be able to travel. 

Their business idea was born in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. They had also recently discovered that they were having another baby. Despite the challenging economic times and their growing family, they decided to pursue their dream because they believe that sometimes the most brilliant and beautiful adventures begin during difficult times. They have found this to be very true!

Luxe Society was created as a place to empower their customers to look and feel their best and to help bridge the gap between high fashion and fitness. Jessica and Levi are working to create an elevated brand for their customers that may be worn to brunch, to work, while working from home, or to a studio for a boutique fitness class. 

Jessica and Levi always wanted to create something that was unique to them, their brand and their customers to enable them to offer a shopping experience that is unmatched and unparalleled in the fitness and fashion world. By creating Luxe Society, they believe they are doing just that. 

While customers expect to find fashionable fitness wear at Luxe Society, they might not anticipate that it is meant to be so much more than just a store. Jessica and Levi are striving to create a positive community that empowers women. They plan to continue to grow and expand this community for years to come. They appreciate all of their customers and look forward to growing lasting relationships with the Luxe Society community for years to come. 

Jessica and Levi promise their customers that they will tirelessly strive to be selective with the brands that they bring in so that they are always aligning with their vision and their brand. They look forward to meeting you and helping you find your next favorite athleisure outfit and accessories!

Jessica's Background

Jessica always had a passion for fashion and business. Ever since Jessica was a little girl, she has had a passion for high fashion. She chose to study business in college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, minoring in Economics, while playing college volleyball. As an athlete, she always wanted to wear the most fashionable athletic wear available on the market. Now, she is excited to find fashionable, athleisure-wear and accessories to share with her customers.

Jessica’s unique perspective as an athlete who values fashion allows her to find clothes that are functional while still being stylish. She believes that high fashion and fitness can go hand in hand and that you can do not have to sacrifice looking your best for feeling comfortable. Her mission is to help women look and feel their best no matter what plan their day holds; whether they are working out in a boutique fitness class, going to brunch or working from home. 

Becoming a mother has been the greatest blessing in Jessica’s life. Staying home with her girls and experiencing motherhood has inspired her to explore her creative abilities and given her the confidence and motivation she needed to create Luxe Society. This special time in her life has inspired her to create something unique that her girls will be excited about and proud of. 

Through running her business, Jessica wants to show her girls that the sky is the limit and that women are amazing. She wants them to see that women can truly do anything they aspire to. She hopes that the background of the business, the clothing that helps customers look and feel their best, and the positive community she aims to create, will be a beautiful and empowering realization not only for her girls but for women and girls around the world.